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As The Cost Of Living In Las Vegas Continues To Rise, An Increasing Number Of People Are Choosing To Relocate To Pahrump

As property prices in the area continue to rise, some prospective homebuyers are looking in Pahrump for a spot where they can continue to live in Southern Nevada while spending a bit less money.

Homeowners in Pahrump, a hamlet in Nye County, approximately 60 miles west of Las Vegas, appear to be getting a larger house or land for their money than they would be in other parts of the state.

Lee Moore and his family, which included his six children and fiancée, relocated from Las Vegas in order to find a more affordable place to live. During an interview with 8 News Now, Moore stated that after months of seeking in Las Vegas, he was ultimately able to purchase a property in Pahrump for a little more than $300,000 last March.

As Moore explains, “in Pahrump, you may get more for your money by purchasing a larger lot or a larger piece of property.” We were able to achieve our goal because “all I wanted was something that would be appropriate for my fiancée and my family,” says the bride.

Realtor Leanna Murphy-Degoede in Pahrump has noticed an uptick in the amount of people who are relocating from Las Vegas, according to her observations.

“It’s almost as if California is going to Las Vegas and Las Vegas is relocating to Pahrump,” she says of the situation. Everything is there; some are retiring, others are commuting, some are just getting started; we’re seeing it all.” “Everything is visible to me,” the author claims.

Pahrump real estate agent Murphy-Degoede has sold a total of 23 houses in the town so far. As far as she’s concerned, an average price in the neighborhood is approximately $315,000.

One of our communities will have homes priced between $300,000 and $400,000; however, you have the option of purchasing an acre or half an acre of land,” says the real estate agent. “A home site in one of our communities will have homes priced between $300,000 and $400,000,” adds the real estate agent.

New construction costs $489,000 to build a single-story home on a third of an acre in the region, with around 2,100 square feet of living space.

She stated that Pahrump had more to offer than many people were aware of, citing master-planned subdivisions and golf courses as examples of what the town has to offer.

Moore admits that he continues to travel to Las Vegas for work, but he believes that the trip is worthwhile because he is now closer to his children and grandchildren.

Further, Moore stated that “the pricing out here is still decently priced”.

Murphy Degoede urged individuals considering relocating to Pahrump to speak with a local real estate agent who is familiar with the area before making their final decision. She also stated that, despite the competitive nature of the market in Pahrump, she has not seen as many cash offers as she has in Las Vegas, which makes it simpler for first-time homebuyers to purchase a house in the community.

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