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Pahrump Businesses Are Benefiting From An Increase In Death Valley Tourism, According To The Town’s Mayor

It is estimated that around two-thirds of the park’s highest-ever visitor level, which occurred in 2019, will be present at Death Valley National Park by 2021, according to the National Park Service’s annual report. According to park officials, this represents a more than threefold increase above the figure for the prior year.

In the winter and spring months, according to park officials, the number of visitors to the park was near to pre-pandemic levels, while the total number of visitors between January and April of 2021 was 86 percent more than the previous year’s record-breaking level of visitors.

“The summer months were the most significant period of decrease in visitor counts,” according to National Park Service officials.

The number of tourists visiting the country between May and September 2021 was only 38 percent more than the number of tourists visiting the country in 2019. The vast majority of summer visitors to the park are international tourists on any given year, with local tourists accounting for the remaining minor fraction of total summer visitors.

Many shop owners in Pahrump, which serves as a popular layover for Death Valley tourists traveling to and from Las Vegas on their route to and from the park, see this as a positive sign. It is a wonderful sight for many of the town’s residents to see park visitors returning.

Another reason why Timothy and Alina Quinata, a husband and wife team from Los Angeles, decided to open Death Valley Marketplace at 3280 W. Bell Vista Ave. in October 2021 is the close proximity of Death Valley to their home in the city of Los Angeles.

There is a selection of locally made products, as well as postcards and souvenirs, available for purchase. Specialty beverages and body treatments, as well as a range of other things, are also available for purchase at the marketplace.

Timothy Quinata, while dealing with clients in his firm on Tuesday, explained that tourists stopping here could be able to get a taste of what was offered in the area.

Diaper-changing facilities, water filling stations, and a rest area are also available at the establishment, which serves as an access point to Death Valley, California, and other nearby sites for passengers who use Bell Vista Avenue as an access point to such locations. Diaper-changing facilities, water filling stations, and a rest area are also available at the establishment.

Since the market’s inception, Quinata has stated that commerce has remained constant, according to a statement made last autumn. His forecast also included a financial windfall in 2021, when Death Valley National Park experienced its busiest November on record, with a total of 133,130 visitors passing through the area.

According to the local newspaper, a significant increase in the number of tourists going through Death Valley has been recorded by Quinata as a result of the relaxation of numerous pandemic restrictions. The reintroduction of “huge buses,” on the other hand, excites him, as he feels it will bring in more international tourists to the region in the near future.

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